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Click here to visit our Albs page. The three styles featured below are the most popular albs made by Slabbinck. Slabbinck's albs are available in 20 sizes and multiple fabrics.

Slabbinck Coat Style Alb

Slabbinck Sanctuary Alb Slabbinck Liturgical Gown

Coat Style Alb #11

The alb has a convenient coat style, a collar finished with a fixed amice, concealing clothing underneath, with fabric covered buttons for perfect fit. Two elegant front and back pleats guarantee complete freedom of movement.

Sanctuary Alb #44

Washable sanctuary alb with roll-collar in front and capuche at the back. This monastic style garment is pulled over the head. It has wide sleeves (13") and slits to the trousers pockets.

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Liturgical Gown #195

Washable liturgical gown with a roll-collar in front and back. Particularly full and ample cut with wide sleeves. Made in the Monastic style that is pulled over the head.


For ninety years, Henninger's has been a source of church supplies, religious books, and church design to northeast Ohio. Since the inception of our website, we have been a source of these products and services, and more, to a much broader market. Thick catalogs, a staple in years past, have been replaced by this all-encompassing website. The use of email, web links, scans, and phone calls has enhanced our customer service and gives us a chance to personalize to our customers' needs.

While we believe a complete product line is essential, we also believe that service, knowledge, and resourcefulness are the best ways to help our customers, whether it is to fill a basic need or to turn a large design concept into reality. Ninety years and four generations after our founding, Henninger's integrity, experience, and commitment to quality continue to thrive. Thank you for letting us serve you.



Clergy Shirts
Clergy Shirts

Henninger's offers the finest albs by Slabbinck and R.J. Toomey in a variety of styles and fabrics. Front wrap albs and coat style albs are the most popular styles. Visit our Albs section...

Henninger's is proud to offer the full line of Slabbinck Chasubles including their Masters Collection. We have organized the vestments by color and full sets. Visit our Vestment section...

Henninger's carries clergy shirts made by R.J. Toomey. Shirts are available in tab collar or neckband collar in a variety of colors. Visit our Clergy Shirt section...

Stained Glass


Sanctuary Sets

View stained glass windows from St. Paul Church in Westerville, Ohio plus many more that have been resize, releaded, or fabricated in our studio. Visit our Stained Glass section...

Demetz Art Studio of Ortesei, Italy is a premier workshop in supplying statues and liturgical art. We have loaded their full catalog of statues and stations to our website. Visit our Statue section...

Full sanctuary sets made by Excelsis are listed online. Each set contains candlesticks, sanctuary lamps, holy water fonts, crucifixes, and many more bronze appointments. Visit our Sanctuary Sets section...





Visit church-inventory.com to view used church goods from closed churches in the Diocese of Cleveland. Henninger's is the authorized agent for the disposition of these goods.

Sacred Services

Visit sacred-services.com to brainstorm your church's renovation project. This website is a resource for priests, committees, and designers to view liturgical elements and help them with ideas for their church.  The photo gallery displays a vast array of church interiors.